Yaquix a Native American Indian Cultural View of Identity Power & Evil


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Author: Abril Julie C
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YAQUIx (Yaqui Woman) provides an alternative, Native American Indian culturally-based theoretical perspective for violence and crime causation. The theory proposed is one based on Bad Spirits which influence deleterious human behavior (crime). This particular theoretical perspective of violence is the core foundation of the earliest thoughts on criminal behavior. Indeed, the establishment of penitentiaries (prisons) occurred because it was thought that criminal behavior was influenced by the Devil and, thus, penance was needed by the criminal to rid him/herself of the evil influence through prayer in an isolated institution i.e. in a prison. Many centuries later, this early theoretical perspective of criminal behavior is revisited in the text, YAQUIx: A Native American Indian Cultural View of Identity, Power & Evil. There are four Volumes to this text. Volume I Two Spirit: Identity Development of a Homeless American Indian Teenager; Volume II Spirit Caste: Poverty, Power and Class; Volume III Spirit World: Sociology of Spirit World; and, Volume IV Sun God: Sociology of the Power Source.

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