Weaving the Boundary


ISBN: 9780816532575
Dewey: 811.6
LCC Number: PS3623.O63
Author: Karenne Wood
Pages: 88
Age Group:


Evocative, haunting, and ultimately hopeful, Karenne Wood s “Weaving the Boundary” explores personal and collective memories and contemporary American Indian realities through lenses of human loss, desire, violence, and love.
This focused, accessible collection carries readers into a deep and intimate understanding of the natural world, the power of language, and the interconnectedness of life. Untold stories are revealed through documented events in various tribal histories, and indictments of destructive encounters between Western colonialism and Native peoples are juxtaposed with a lyric voice that gently insists on reweaving the past, honoring women and all life, creating a sovereign space for indigenous experience. Wood writes, Nothing was discovered. Everything was already loved.
Political yet universal, “Weaving the Boundary” tells of love and betrayal, loss and forgiveness. Wood intertwines important and otherwise untold stories and histories with a heightened sense of awareness of Native peoples issues and present realities.
Moving from elegy to evocations of hope and desire, the poems call for respect toward Mother Earth and feminine sensibility. One hears in this collection a longing to be carried deeper into the world, to return to tradition, to nature, to truth, to an innate belonging in the weaving of all life.”

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