We Feel Good Out Here:Zhik Gwaa’an, Nakhwatthaiitat Gwiinzii


ISBN: 9781897252338
Dewey: B
LCC Number:
Author: Julie-Ann Andre Mindy Willet
Illustrator: Tessa MacIntosh
Pages: 26
Age Group:


Julie-Ann AndrA(c) is a Gwichya Gwich’in from Tsiigehtchic in the Northwest Territories. She is a Canadian Ranger, a mother of twin daughters, a hunter, a trapper, and a student. In We Feel Good Out Here, Julie-Ann shares her family’s story and the story of her land-Khaii luk, the place of winter fish. As Julie-Ann says, The land has a story to tell, if you know how to listen. When I travel, the land tells me where my ancestors have been. It tells me where the animals have come and gone, and it tells me what the weather may be like tomorrow. Her home is an important part of who Julie-Ann is. She wants to help make sure that her environment is healthy, so it can continue to tell its story to her children and their children.

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