Waterless Mountain


ISBN: 9780486492889
Dewey: FIC
LCC Number: PZ7.A715
Author: Laura Adams Armer
Illustrator: Sidney Armer
Pages: 212
Age Group:


Younger Brother lives in a dry land, and he dreams of finding the wide water of the Pacific Ocean.
this gentle coming-of-age story, rooted in the traditional culture of the Navajo, recounts Younger Brother’s journey toward finding his vocation as a medicine man.
Under the guidance of his uncle, the boy learns about the ancient songs, customs, and ceremonies of his people as well as the modern-day magic of movies and airplanes.
Written in the 1930s by an authority on Native American life and lore, this Newbery Medal winner offers a vivid portrait of Navajo beliefs and traditions.
Its simple but poetic storytelling style is enhanced by numerous black-and-white illustrations.

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