First Nations and Native American Cookbook: Recipes from North American Tribes


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Author: Tim Murphy
Pages: 70
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Milkweed soup, bannock, sofkee, fried yucca petals, spicewood tea and blue camas bulbs. These are just a few of the dishes north America’s indigenous peoples have eaten over decades and centuries. Author Tim Murphy has collected a small sampling of these recipes for this book. Represented in this book are recipes from Apache, Inuit, Ojibwa, Odawa, Choctaw, Blackfoot, Cherokee, Tlingit, Metis, Navajo, Nez Perce, Yupik, Winnebago, Ojibwe, Coquille, Mandan, Chinook, Oneida, Hopi, Dakota, Kickapoo, Cheyenne, Yurok, Cree, Crow, Aleut, Seneca, Hidatsa, Ho Chunk, Maliseet, Shawnee, Grande Ronde, Seminole, Passamaquoddy, Iroquois, Pueblo, Ute, Wyandot, Mohawk and Sioux

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