Yaz Tree Recipe: A Navajo Girl’s Dream


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Author: Teresa Lynch-Chrapkiewicz
Pages: 34
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The Yaz Tree Recipe: A Navajo Girl’s Dream is about a young Navajo girl looking for answers to life. Her story will inspire you and touch your heart. The young girl, Yaz Tree, shares what she learns through her own “life recipe” and how she became the first woman Navajo to earn a pilot’s license.

A brilliant gift of words put together out of love to encourage her people, the Dine.

-Peterson Zah, Former President of the Navajo Nation and current Chairman of the Navajo Nation

If you want to inspire a little one’s heart, Yaz Trees’ story will spread hope and love. As a life coach I recommend this true story of a Navajo girl, because she will take off children’s actions that will encourage them to dream and live.

-Nilsy Rapalo, Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach. Author of Inmigracion Espiritual: Un Camino de Inspiracion y Bienestar.

An exciting story sure to inspire readers to never give up on dreams yet to be achieved and journeys yet to be taken. Yaz Trees’ experience as she interprets her destiny is enlightening and uplifting.

-Erin Ardrey, 2nd Grade Teacher, Teacher of the Year 2014-2015, Spann Elementary School “

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