Winnetou (Unabridged 2008 Translation of Winnetou I)


ISBN: 9780981650401
Dewey: FIC
LCC Number: PT2625.A848
Author: George A Alexander Karl May
Pages: 492
Age Group:


Fresh off the boat from Europe and looking for adventure, a young German named Charlie heads west.
He finds plenty of excitement on the untamed American frontier.
Whether it is an encounter with a grizzly, a hostile Indian, or a dishonest white man, he always manages to emerge victorious.
He gets out of one dangerous situation after another, thanks to his quick wits, his skill with a gun, and his remarkable strength (which earns him the nickname “Old Shatterhand”).
Along the way, he makes friends with an equally remarkable young Indian, Winnetou.
Together, they embark on adventures throughout the West.
This classic adventure story of the American west, along with a host of other books and stories by Karl May, shaped the perception of the frontier for generations of readers.
May’s books became the all-time best-sellers in Germany and were translated into many languages, but good English translations have been difficult to find-until now.

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