Water Walkers


ISBN: 9780990744603
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Author: Carol Ann Trembath
Illustrator: David W Craig
Pages: 48
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Water Walkers is the story of a Native American girl named Mai. Her family members are walking around Lake Superior to raise awareness about the damage being done to the Great Lakes. At first, Mai is told she is too little to go, but grandmother says, “Even little people can do big things.” As Mai walks along the lakeside, she tries to find ways she can help. Will the secret messages from the animals of the Peace Shield help her learn more about how to help Mother Earth? How can Mai prove that she can become a good water walker?

Water Walkers is a tribute to the many Native American women and men who have dedicated themselves to walking miles around each of the Great Lakes to draw attention to the condition of our water and responsible usage.

With new original illustrations by David W. Craig.

Common core state standards, resources, glossary, and children’s activities included.

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