Wakpa Wanagi Ghost River


ISBN: 9781935218371
Dewey: 811.6
LCC Number: PS326
Author: Trevino L Brings Plenty
Pages: 88
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Poetry. Native American Studies. “These poems are ‘porcupine quills, ‘ beautiful and sharp. They draw blood. They make me laugh and cry. I love this book.” Sherman Alexie, Poet, fiction writer, screenwriter “Trevino Brings Plenty’s poetry ‘ignites a sunrise, ‘ bearing witness to Indigenous America’s most difficult and invisible realities. Faced with these urgent poems, we are again reminded of our constant fight for survival. Brings Plenty embarks on a telling that will inspire and challenge our notions of how we experience our modern colonial lives.” Sherwin Bitsui, Author of Floodsong “Reading Trevino Brings Plenty’s poems is a head adjustment. As hard as these poems work to defy the stereotype of Native American spirituality, they also act like ceremonies new ones the anti-vision quest, spirit guide avoidance, songs to survive shame, good days NOT to die. Trevino Brings Plenty is no sham- shaman, but he is a healer and a true one.” Heid Erdrich, Author of Cell Traffic and National Monuments “Brings Plenty has come into his own power with this new book of poems. These are the poems of a hardcore rez visionary who is ‘ map(ping) the spirit world .’ Each poem carries a light born of struggle, and like vision, each illumination has its cost Personal history is utterly tied to the historical DNA of family, a place. Through the journey of these poems, a map emerges. In this map, you will find a way home.” Joy Harjo, Mvskoke poet, musician, performer, professor “Trevino Brings Plenty has the soul of a poet, no doubt. In fact he might have two of them the other used to belong to America, until he ripped it out of her still-beating heart and ate it. Like some NDNero Paganini, Brings Plenty’s verbiage whirls away the death of the old millennium and feverishly writes in the new. Bring a bottle of something good to drink and watch it all go down. Epirezigenetics and bridges. Grandmas and the double helix. 4D worlds and porcupines. Ghost shirts and cycles endless. Mni wiconi and broken bottles, headless. Iktomi takes the pen and Brings Plenty handles his business.” Theodore C. Van Alst, Jr., Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Native American Studies Department, University of Montana”

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