Red or Green Chile Bible: Love at First Bite



“Red or green?” This is the most commonly asked question in New Mexico’s restaurants.

In Red or Green Chile Bible: Love at First Bite, chilinista Harmon Houghton, will introduce and guide you through the wonders, magic and mystique of the chile cuisine with detailed instructions and explanations on how to prepare, cook and serve chiles from aromatic sweetness to a tongue blistering experience and every degree of addictive heat in between to make you feel you are alive.

With over 250 recipes for Appetizers, Salsas, Salads, Breakfast, Stews, Entrees, Side Dishes and Postres. You will be able to increase your culinary skills to new highs to please your family, friends and relatives for any occasion. The essential recipes explain the preparation of Red and Green chile form fresh, dried, or ground ingredients into pastes, and sauces that can be prepared in advance for use in any recipe. The ingredient lists will identify the of the pallet of spices, cheeses, legumes, meats, sweeteners and flavors you can use to spice your chile and create aromatic, pungent, and taste sensations to please everyone. The cooking instructions will explain the many techniques that you can use to prepare your foods from boiling, steaming, baking, braising, broiling, grilling, roasting, frying, and slow cooking to improve the taste and texture of all your recipes.

Upon the completion of your culinary tour of the Red or Green Chile Bible, you will receive a CCD degree (Culinary Chilinista Degree) that will entitle you to online support, new recipes and special announcements of the chile universe.

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