Red Chile Bible:Southwestern Classic & Gourmet Recipes


ISBN: 9780940666931
Dewey: 641.6384
LCC Number: TX803.P46
Author: Audrey Jenkins Cathleen Hansel
Pages: 161
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The long-awaited companion to The Green Chile Bible, this vibrant collection of rich, red chile recipes celebrates the blending of historic Spanish, Indian, and western frontier traditions in southwestern cookery, and explores some of the best European and Asian contributions to the latest Southwest “fusion” style.

This book caters to the desires of every chile cook–from the passion for incorporating chile in ways that no one has imagined before, to the ambition to achieve the ultimate classic salsa. It covers the gamut of Southwest styles from the very traditional to the very contemporary, from down-home rustic to unashamedly elegant, from comfortably mellow to fiery hot. Santa Fe chefs Kathleen Hansel and Audrey Jenkins have gathered and tested favorite recipes from the finest home cooks and working professional chefs throughout the Southwest and have shared their own festive fare for both casual and formal entertaining.

Reflecting the modern cook’s commitment to natural flavors and healthy foods, The Red Chile Bible relies extensively on fresh ingredients and dishes “made from scratch”–but the authors have also suggested shortcuts and substitute ingredients to save preparation time for even the busiest cooks, without sacrificing quality or flavor. Providing important practical help for chile novices, the authors give complete information on the characteristics and uses of the major southwestern and Mexican red chiles, along with the fundamentals of buying, storing, and handling fresh, dried, crushed, and powdered red chiles. They include a glossary to acquaint the reader with the “vocabulary” of chile and a list of sources for red chiles of all kinds.

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